School council / eco-council

School Council
At Upton Cross ACE Academy, we have a very proactive School Council. Each year group has 2 representatives who are voted in at the beginning of the year. 
This year the School Council have done the following:

School Councils / Pupil Voice

Led by

Mr Clack

PADL accredited



  • Chair of Governors has attended one of the regular meetings.
  • New board updated with photos of reps, minutes of latest meeting and date of next.
  • Children had an opportunity to write a manifesto or speak about becoming a Rep.
  • Voting took place in all classes and school council formed.
  • Regular ½ Termly Meetings.
  • Organising a Fun Run for the charity: National Autistic Society.
  • Organisation of Children in Need
  • Classes voted for the school charity and fed back to School Council – for ACE Council meeting.
  • Analysis of the Pupil Questionnaire and actions reported to ACE Council meeting.
  • Creation of a Reading Shed from pupil voice.
  • 3x ACE School Council Meetings attended (Nov, Feb and May)

Top Priorities identified from 2018 Pupil Questionnaire

  •          How to feel safer
  •          School staff to listen more
  •          Improve enjoyment of writing