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Sports Lead

Meet our Sports Lead
Mr Jones
Oli Jones is an Advanced Skills Teacher for P.E. He has taught accross many schools in South East Cornwall. Oli's passion is running and he regularly competes in marathons, ultra marathons (over 26 miles), and triathlons. In 2017, he competed in the London Marathon for the 13th time and in an Ironman Triathlon Championship in Canada!
Oli joined us in September 2017 and works at our school every Tuesday. Since arriving with us, he has given our children the opportunity to join in a Dualthlon Club and has set up Marathon Kids as a regular fitness for all. 
Oli has tidied the PE shed and audited our resources. He has take his Duathlon Club to Siblyback, Lanhydrock and Bodmin/Wenford Camel Trail to train and he delives PE across all the year groups at our school. Also currently teaching swimming at Lux Park for KS2 first thing on a Tuesday morning.