Our approach to the curriculum

Our approach to the curriculum at

Upton Cross ACE Academy

Curriculum Summary

As a school, we endeavour to embrace outdoor learning and enrichment as the basis of our curriculum. We educate all of our children from 3 to 11 years of age and believe experiences beyond the classroom have an enormous impact on the character building of our children.

We promote the 6 R’s of learning: Resilience, Responsibility, Readiness, Resourcefulness, Relationships and Reflectiveness. As a team we have identified that these core skills underpin all aspects of learning for each of our individuals and we respect each and every child’s particular needs and ambitions.

As a small school, we celebrate our ability to successfully adapt the 2014 National Curriculum to enable all of our children to have a wholesome approach within mixed aged classes. Outdoor learning underpins all areas of study enabled by our incredible outdoor facilities. These include a Forest School, kitchen garden, African cob house, old walled yard, chicken coup, quiet areas, an extensive sports field and multi-purpose playgrounds. We also enrich our curriculum by welcoming speakers and theatre companies, as well as educational visits for all ages and residential experiences within KS2.

Our curriculum focus enables the inclusion  of all pupils regardless of  ability, special educational/disability or medical needs. We strive to provide opportunities for all of our children in our community to reach their optimum potential and we assess, construct and deliver the curriculum to reach all levels of learning.