Our approach to Reading

Our Approach to Reading at Upton Cross ACE Academy

At Upton Cross ACE Academy, we aim to foster a love of reading in all children and encourage them to read a wide range of books from various authors. Reading is embedded in all areas of the curriculum.

Reading skills are taught as soon as children join us in Stara Class and continue until they leave the school.


Read, Write Inc.- Phonics and Reading

Read, Write, Inc. takes place 5 times a week in Early Years and Key Stage 1 and also for those children requiring it in Key Stage 2. The children develop their early skills in listening for sounds, recognising some letters in Nursery and continue throughout school until they have completed the programme. RWI is an early phonics and reading programme that provides a structured and systematic approach to teaching phonics and early literacy. It follows an interactive approach Including a number of short, sharp tasks so that children are involved and engaged throughout the whole session. It is designed to create fluent, independent readers, confident speakers, independent spellers and willing writers.

RWI links phonics with reading and writing. During a typical RWI session, (although this structure can vary depending on level) children will learn a new sound and practise reading words containing that sound. They will then focus on formation of letters and writing words using the new sound with an emphasis on spelling. After this the children are introduced to their book for the session (linked to new sounds learned). They then are taught the green and red ‘tricky’ words contained in the book and taught reading strategies that they can employ in their reading of the text (variety of fiction and non-fiction books). Children will then work with their reading partner to read through the text, supporting each other as they read. Good examples of reading are shared and the children work in partners to answer a variety of questions related to their book to develop their comprehension skills. Children are able to apply their phonics knowledge to reading daily- the link is seamless! RWI includes a variety of skills and strategies for reading and spelling including sounding out (Fred talk), blending for reading, segmenting for spelling, as well as teaching comprehension skills and fluency.


If you would like more information about Read Write Inc. then you can visit their website, http://www.ruthmiskin.com/en/read-write-Inc.-programmes/phonics/ or feel free to pop in and discuss how to support your child further with our Reading Lead: Mrs Hall.


As the children move through the school, they are taught a variety of skills to support their reading confidence. This includes such strategies as using the pictures to look for clues, reading with expression, predicting what might happen, retrieving information from the page to answer comprehension questions. More higher order reading skills a re taught too, including developing the children’s ability to infer and deduce meaning from the text.

The children have at least two reading books. One that is guided by their teacher and one that is chosen more independently. 


Our school library is full of books of varying ability too. The children have a library slot each week, where they are able to change their independent book. The staff still aim to guide and support the children with their independent book choices. They are also able to choose from a variety of non-fiction books.


Children learn best when home and school work closely together. Please see the two documents below for ways to support you with hearing your child read at home.