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The Local Advisory Board

The Governors are pleased to be part of ACE Multi-Academy Trust as of 1st May 2017.


 Upton Cross ACE Academy shares a joint Local Advisory Board (LAB) with St Kew ACE Academy. 

The LAB's Governors meet at least once a term to contribute to the effective governance of these two academies and report into the wider governance structure of ACE Multi-Academy Trust.  

Governors are volunteers, and are committed to monitoring the academies' performance and challenging the leadership team, in order to ensure that both academies are successful in achieving their vision of 'inspiring and achieving success for all'

Chair of LAB is Mr Christopher Boarland.
In addition to their LAB membership, Governors/members have designated responsibilities. Please see 'Meet the Governors' page for more information, including term of office and pecuniary/business interests.
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Paula Hardman, Clerk to Local Advisory Board
Effective governance is based on six key features:

Strategic leadership that sets and champions vision, ethos and strategy.
Accountability that drives up educational standards and financial performance. 
People with the right skills, experience, qualities and capacity.
Structures that reinforce clearly defined roles and responsibilities.
Compliance with statutory and contractual requirements.
Evaluation to monitor and improve the quality and impact of governance.

Department for Education: Governance Handbook January 2017


For more information on the role of the Local Advisory Board, see the National Governor's Association website  or contact

Mr Chris Boarland

Chair of Local Advisory Board, Community Governor.