Year Reception

Curriculum planning for the year

2017 - 2018

Autumn 1

Once upon a time - The Gingerbread man/ The Little Red Hen/ The Enormous Turnip

Who am I? Our brilliant bodies/ senses

Harvest/food/Being healthy

Role play – Gingerbread cottage, doctors, opticians, home, hospital etc

School trip Hospital???  


Autumn 2

Super Heroes – fictional/ Real life heroes – emergency services

School trip - fire station/ life boats/ police station

Role play- police office, fire brigade, fantasy heroes

Christmas/ celebrations/ lights/ Divali


Spring 1

Under the sea

School trip – aquarium

Role play - aquarium, beach, fishing, diving, sea life vet?


Spring 2

Mini beasts and plants

How does your garden grow?

Jack and the Beanstalk story

Fruit and vegetables

Role play area – garden centre/ flower shop


Summer 1

Houses and homes around the world

Materials and their properties

Three Little Pigs story

Role play – estate agents, building site


Summer 2

Travel and transport – car (land), boat (sea), aeroplane (air)

School trip – train

Role play - travel agents, space rocket, boxes to make vehicles