Enterprise Day March 2015

Co-op Trust is enterprising

Children from schools within the Caradon Co-operative Educational Trust attended an Enterprise day on 26th March at Sterts Theatre and Arts Centre near Liskeard.  The event for orchestrated by the Education Business Partnership lead Kate Whetter:  There were colleagues from Devon and Cornwall Police, the NHS, South West Lakes, Chartwells (catering company), Premier Inn and West End Motors, Bodmin.

With the police, children learnt how to take fingerprints and try out the uniform that officers wear on a daily basis.  The NHS team taught children about blood pressure and heart rates.

They had a time challenge to make the bed as quickly as possible for the Premier Inn team (knowing that it had to undergo strict quality controls!) 

Children learnt all about the activities on offer at Siblyback Lake, the most local of the SW lakes, and how to cook a healthy stir fry with Chartwells.

West End Motors sent a Nissan Leaf out for children to learn all about the latest electric vehicles.

All in all, the children had a really enjoyable day, learning about businesses which truly are in the heart of Cornish communities. 

For more details about how the Education Business Partnership team can support your primary school, contact Kate Whetter at kwhetter@cornwall.gov.uk