In line with government guidance our school is working towards a wider opening. Currently, we are open to key worker’s children, vulnerable children and invited year groups.

Enrichment Week 2019

Day 1 - Team Building Day
Activity 1: Protect the egg!
Activity 2: Keep dry!
Activity 3: Yoga and team games
Activity 4: Get wet!
Day 1 - Culture Day
Activity 1: Ghanaian Drumming
Activity 2: Ghanaian Singing/Dancing
Activity 3: Ghanaian Games
Activity 4: Creating the Globe Theatre
Day 3 - Physical Day
Activity 1: Kwik Cricket
Activity 2: Parachute Games
Activity 3: Tri Golf
Activity 4: Smite championships
Day 4 - STEM day
Activity 1: Mega Marble Run
Activity 2: Bridge building in the forest
Activity 3: Who can build the tallest tower?
Activity 4: Can you build a boat and float it with passenger coins?
Day 5 - Hinduism Day
Activity 1: Daya - Indian culture and Hinduism
Activity 2: Rangoli Patterns 
Activity 3: Diwali Lamps
Activity 4: Hindu Calligraphy